Fast Paint Bake Required to Speed Production

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
An infrared lamp paint baking oven was a bottleneck slowing all production because it was unable to produce sufficiently high temperatures. It was necessary to quickly construct a new oven with a suitable heat source. Because space was at a premium, the new oven had to be as short as possible.

The Solution
A simple oven using Chromalox Electric Radiant Heaters was designed and constructed. The oven, 24 feet long, contains 34 Chromalox Type RAD-4183 Radiant Heaters, 240 volts, 1.8 kw. Total capacity is 61.2 kw, on 480 volts, 3 phase.

The oven was designed for baking paint on sheet-metal parts requiring 400°F. for seven minutes, and also had to be controllable in order to bake paint on plastic parts for the portable washing machines at 250°F. for four minutes. Temperature control was important as overheating would discolor paint and also cause degradation of plastic parts.

The oven is zoned as follows:
Zone 1 - 4 heaters each side-no control.
Zone 2 - 4 heaters each side-input controller, type VC.
Zone 3 - 4 heaters each side-input controller.
Zone 4 - 3 heaters each side-input controller.
Zone 5 - 2 heaters each side-input controller.


  • Produced the faster, higher baking temperatures needed.
  • Results were delivered in the limited space available.
  • It can be accurately "throttled down" for baking plastic parts at lower temperatures.
  • Initial cost, maintenance and cost per unit is small.
  • No need for bringing in large quantities of air that would have been necessary if a gas oven had been chosen.
  • Provided a quick means of getting the results needed - Chromalox Radiant Heater design makes for simply laid out and constructed ovens. Also, the heaters were standard stock at factory warehouse and were shipped and delivered on the job in very short order.
  • Complete flexibility and effectiveness with many shapes and sizes of both plastic and metal parts.
  • Cleanliness, especially important when producing components for high-quality merchandise.