Heat Trace System Successfully De-ices Commercial Building

SRL Cable

The Challenge
Due to unusually moist winter, many commercial building roofs and gutters were suffering from ice and snow build-up. The problem was causing structural damage to buildings and potential injury to on-site workers. This customer was experiencing huge ice dams and ice run-off at their distribution warehouse from the standing-seam metal roof.

The Solution
The customer consulted with a local electrical and roofing contractors, who in turn asked for assistance from the Chromalox representative to propose a solution for their customer. During the first on-site visit, the Chromalox representative met with the warehouse manager to discuss their ice dam problems and expectations of the heating system. Next, the necessary building information was gathered by inspecting the rooftop, getting digital images of the standing seam roof, gutters, downspouts and overhangs. The representative also obtained blueprints of the building from the customer which showed detailed dimensions.

Chromalox engineers custom designed a heat trace and control de-icing system to the exact specifications of the roof and gutters. The system is presently in operation, and working flawlessly.

The Advantages
Chromalox SRF-RG Roof and Gutter cable is UL certified (E137658) and CSA system designed for commercial and industrial de-icing applications. Chromalox cables include a UV stabilized inner and over jacket for increased life and durability. Chromalox cables also provide a longer circuit length than competitors, decreasing the number of controls and circuits required. Chromalox APS-4 Snow/ Ice Melting Controller provides automatic snow / ice melting control with minimum energy costs. Chromalox SC-40 Satellite Contactor is a low cost control of larger snow / ice melting systems.