Heat Transfer System Increases Quality of End Product

chromalox cartridge lp

The Challenge
Keeping lipstick mixture at optimum temperature during forming process was difficult. When overheated, ingredients tend to separate; when underheated, the melted mass becomes difficult to pour properly.

The Solution
For precise temperature control, a 24 kW CMX compact heat transfer system was installed to circulate hot oil through jacketed kettles containing the lipstick mix. For additional temperature consistency, a 100 W Chromalox cartridge heater was also installing in the kettle outlet valve to ensure a smooth and even flow of melted mass.


  • By using electric heat with properly-designed controls, the manufacturer was able to hold processing temperatures within ±1° F.
  • Quick and accurate temperature response throughout range. 
  • Fluid heat circulating through jacketed kettles assures uniform heat distribution and therefore a consistently high quality product.
  • Compact heat transfer unit has small footprint.
  • Installation is simple. The Chromalox Heat Transfer System is an integral package requiring only piping and wiring.
  • Freedom to choose location of equipment. The heat transfer unit can be installed right beside, or some distance from the material being heated.
  • Efficient and economical, cartridge heater was most practical way to apply heat - right where needed - inside kettle outlet valve.