HTM Generator Reinstalled Without Production Shutdown

textile industry process heating and controls 3

The Challenge
The customer needed to reinstall an HTM generator for an oven with aerotherm batteries that was used for heating a 400°C fluid. The manufacture of a new textile fiber required that a temperature higher than 320°C be maintained. Moreover, the customer wanted an installation without any problem of leakage, breakdown or stop of the production line, which were problems encountered with the previous generator installation.

The Solution
With the use of Sanotherm 75, we could work at 400°C and remain at atmospheric pressure. This heat transfer fluid is heated with impedance technology (Electric Tubular Heat Exchanger). This means that the fluid is heated by Joule effect in the wall of the pipes in which it is circulating, with those pipes being connected to a low voltage.

The Advantages

  • Accurate temperature control of the HTM film
  • Low volume of oil required
  • Low thermal inertia due to low volume of oil, resulting in quick modulation of the set-up point without modifying the regulation parameters.
  • Leak-tight operation because of the entire welded build of the impedance generator.
  • Low maintenance: Since its first introduction in 1995, the only maintenance operation consisted of the replacement of the pump seal