Immersion Heaters with Replaceable Elements Improve Safety of Harsh Chemicals Needed To Mine Gold

chromalox ltfx 02

The Challenge
When mining for gold, two hazardous chemicals have been found to successfully improve the overall process; specifically, sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide. The chemicals arrive via 33,000 kg trucks at 57.2ºF (14ºC) and are stored within tanks of a maximum storage capacity of 70,000 kg that must be heated to a consistent temperature of 131ºF (55ºC) within 24 hours of arrival.

The Solution
Due to the corrosive nature of the harsh chemicals, LTFX Immersion Heaters with Replaceable Elements provide the ideal solution. The precise temperature is reached and maintained within the time-limit and due to the replaceable elements, the tanks holding these hazardous chemicals do not need to be drained to maintain the heaters. Also, skids were built to easily transport and connect the various components of the assembly in one convenient location.

The Benefits

  • Delivering solutions ideal for the holding and maintenance of hazardous chemicals
  • Providing safety and savings with replaceable elements to limit the need to drain tanks
  • Improving the overall safety and processes used when mining for gold