New Heat Transfer System Solution Cuts Energy Costs by Half

chromalox silicone heaters

The Challenge

A manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment sought a way to save energy on its hot food well serving counters. These counters are used in school lunch rooms. Facing constant pressure to cut costs and increase sustainability, school districts across the country seek solutions from their suppliers.  Older food serving-well counters used a tubular 1,000 W heater.

The Solution

Chromalox provided a solution using 500 W silicone laminate heaters that cut energy costs by 50 percent per counter and increased system efficiency, providing more uniform heat to all areas. Regulating thermostats eliminate the need for system controls. 

In addition to providing these end-user benefits, the new heating configuration simplified the installation process for the manufacturer.


·         Energy usage reduced 50 percent

·         More uniform heat transfer throughout the hot food serving-well counter

·         Ease of installation