New Heating and Control System Increases Reliability of Resin Impregnation System

chromalox radd 5000 w

The Challenge
A machining and tooling company was asked to retrofit an existing conveyor system that used a quartz bulb heating design in a two-stage oven (trickle machine impregnator/curing system) that provided resin impregnation for motor armatures. The system’s existing heating system was fragile and subject to breakage from falling tools or parts, leading to system shutdowns and failures. The manufacturer also desired a system that provided finer controls to maintain even temperatures throughout the line. 

The Solution

Chromalox designed a heating system which featured two-element, all-steel radiant heaters (model RADD) to eliminate breakage from falling parts. An additional guard system was added to ensure system integrity.  The new design also had higher heating capabilities that allowed larger parts to be impregnated and cured, adding versatility. The system utilized specialized controlled rectifier (SCR) controls to provide higher accuracy for energy-efficient temperature management. While the system is controlled on the shop floor, the new controls allow for data monitoring from the plant’s control room, adding redundancy and remote shut-down, if warranted.


  • Added system reliability increases production and reduces downtime
  • Temperature-sensitive SCR control provides high accuracy and energy efficiency
  • Control room monitoring adds remote monitoring capabilities previously not available