Oil Tanks, Recirculation and Offload Lines All Benefit

chromalox nwho nwhmto

The Challenge

An expansion at a rock salt manufacturing facility in Utah added two 350 gallon tanks for two oils used in the process. One is a lightweight oil, the other a thick, viscous heavy F300 oil; both needed to be maintained at 170° F (77° C) via recirculating pumps.  Both oils arrive at the plant via railcar at 400° F (204° C).

The Solution

The liquid is piped through the facility via offload lines from the rail cars and are maintained between 400° F (204° C) and 300° F (149° C) via Chromalox heat trace cable to avoid the fluid setting up in the lines due to batch processing.  The oil tanks are heated by Chromalox NWHO style circulation heaters at 2.5 wpsi.  The system’s recirculation lines were initially designed to be steam traced, which would have required the expense of a new boiler system.  The Chromalox solution replaced the steam trace process with electric heat trace, with each tank utilizing 500 feet (152.4 m) of recirculation piping. The complete system utilizes 1,500 feet of heat trace cable and two circulation heaters. It is controlled by five monitoring panels.


  • Technical expertise and problem solving eliminate the need to put project out to bid
  • Design eliminated the need to add costly new boiler system
  • Full system heating solution