Power Turbines Sustain Extreme Climates with the Help of Chromalox

SRM Cable

The Challenge

A leading supplier of power generation and energy delivery technology needed to standardize the design of its various power turbines used in combined cycle power plants in climates all over the world. The power plants consisted of gas turbines that generate electricity using natural gas as a fuel, as well as steam turbines that use waste heat from gas turbines as its fuel. The key factor in standardizing the turbine design was making sure the design would be able to operate reliably in extreme climates, as some would be placed in the most chilling temperatures on the globe.

The Solution

Chromalox installed a Self-Regulating Medium Temperature cable (SRM/E) coupled with mechanical thermostats in each turbine to protect the natural gas and steam from freezing which could cause the power turbines to shut down in hazardous environments or extreme temperatures. Each turbine required approximately 2,000 feet of SRM/E heating cable, and seven to eight thermostats. The SRM/E provided the client with the most flexibility in the heat trace design and application because the cable could be cut to fit into the field and could be single overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and equipment required additional heat trace cable.


  • Chromalox worked directly with the customer to design, test and then deliver the most up-to-date specification for its exact application.
  • Chromalox and the customer were able to collaborate with one another to create a simple, standardized design.
  • Chromalox continues to work on an on-going basis to update the design of the application as soon as new specifications are needed, allowing the customer to worry less about maintenance and more about their job at hand.