Radiant Heat Preheats Bottle Necks to Obtain a Tight Seal

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
To achieve a tight seat on bottle tops, wax liners are inserted and twisted into position. To enable the wax to do its job, the tops of the bottles must be heated to form a lasting seal.

The Solution
The straight-line process carries the bottles from the pneumatic cleaning machine directly to the filling and capping machines. One five-foot RAD-5253 Radiant Heater, 2500 watts, 240 volts and one three-foot RAD-3133, 1300 watts, 240 volts are installed end to end and in each of four production lines. They direct heat to the bottle tops from cleaning machines to the final operation.

Note that conveyor is enclosed with glass which keeps atmosphere out and confines most of the infrared heat to the production line. When conveyor stops, heaters automatically drop from 208 volts to 120 volt line (3 phase, 3 wire-system). Heat is regulated when desired by turning the stud bolts which hold the heaters in place.


  • Consistently, absolutely dry container and product. 
  • Elimination of cumbersome, excess handling connected with former batch-type heating system.
  • Faster drying. Entire operation now done in one minute compared with eleven minutes before.
  • Quicker heat-up time.
  • No overheating, which with former method sometimes required bottles to be held up for 30 minutes for cooling.
  • A showroom appearance was made possible by simplified and streamlined set-up. Glass enclosed Radiant Heaters and conveyor line have an especially trim appearance.