Radiant Heater and Thermostat Help Keep Mining Safety Showers Flowing

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge

A large mining operation in Nevada had 33 emergency shower stations that were in need of freeze protection. These showers were available for wash down of personnel in case of chemical contamination. During the winter the ambient temperature can get as low as -40° F with a good wind chill causing the showers to freeze and become inoperable. The customer had heat traced much of the plumbing, but they came to Chromalox to see if they could provide a better solution.

The Solution

Our heating specialists worked with their structural framing specialists to develop an enclosure that would protect personnel from the weather conditions, and would ensure that the showers were in working condition at all times. The enclosure is made out of Bosch aluminum extrusion and includes a radiant heater and thermostat, a vinyl curtain to keep the heat in, and an optional Omron and Patlite automated lighting system. The radiant heater will keep the enclosure at a temperature of at least 40° F, even if the temperature outside is -40° F, preventing any part of the shower station from freezing.

The optional lighting system uses an optical sensor to detect if someone has entered the enclosure and prompts the illumination of the enclosure from an overhead LED light strip. The customer was given the option of purchasing this solution as a kit, or as a complete assembly.

It is imperative that the personnel at this mining facility have access to these emergency showers and that the showers are fully functional at all times (per OSHA regulations). 

The Benefits

This mine now has a total solution that not only ensures that the showers will work at all times, but that the personnel will be comfortable while using these wash down stations.

(Case study republished with permission from Chromalox representative, Valin.)