Radiant Heaters Bake Paint on Auto Grille

chromalox radd 5000 w

The Challenge
The auto manufacturer needed to quickly construct a paint baking oven large enough to handle one piece automobile grilles with a minimum of capital expenditure. The design of the grille is such that star shapes in it look as if they are unsupported when the grille is painted.

The Solution
A 40-foot long "U" shaped conveyorized oven, equipped with Chromalox Far-Infrared heaters is constructed. To save both time and money, the customer decided to utilize heating equipment already on hand. On hand were Chromalox radiant heaters in an oven that was only 3 1/2 feet high. By removing the bottom of the oven and adding banks of other heaters, the oven height was increased from 3 1/2 feet to 7 feet.

The first zone has 14 RAD-2083, 240 volt, 800 watt elements, wired in series on 480 volts and mounted vertically at the back end of the oven where the material goes around the "U". The second zone is equipped with 48 RAD-7363, 480 volt, 3600 watt radiant heaters. They are mounted horizontally in three rows on each side of the oven; eight heaters are in each row. The second and third zones have VCA input controllers to adjust the temperature in these zones.

The grille is made of steel, plated with aluminum. It takes 10 to 12 minutes for the paint bake and 240 grilles are handled by the oven each hour. The total capacity of the Chromalox radiant heaters is 215 kW.


  • Produces the exact temperature needed, instantly.
  • Predetermined temperature may be easily and quickly duplicated any time without guesswork.
  • When the oven is loaded and unloaded there is no glare or excessive heat to bother personnel.
  • High quality finish is produced in a minimum of space and at the rate needed, 240 grilles per hour.
  • Economical to construct, the baking oven utilizes equipment customer had on hand.
  • Fast heat-up, no waiting for oven to reach operating temperature.