Seal-less Pump Achieves Chemical Reaction

Chromalox CLD-A Heat Transfer System

The Challenge
A chemical production plant requires a jacketed reactor to maintain an intense heated temperature of 690ºF (365ºC) for its chemical processes. Also, due to the high temperatures and pressures needed in the chemical reaction, the plant needed a seal-less pump instead of a standard, water-cooled, mechanically-sealed pump.

The Solution
Chromalox engineers worked with the chemical prodution team to implement a seal-less pump into their chemical reactor. The 150 kW Chromalox CLD Hot Oil System was installed to heat and re-circulate the Therminol 72 heat transfer fluid through the jackets on the reactor to maintain the high temperature. The hot oil system is self-contained and meets ASME codes. The system is pre-engineered to include temperature and power controls, expansion tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, gauges, and all necessary piping thereby eliminating component selection and assembly but customizable to include the new seal-less pump.

The Benefits

  • Providing customized seal-less pump component into hot oil system.
  • Maintains intense temperatures needed for chemical reactions.
  • Solutions meet third-party and ASME codes and standards