Silicone Laminate Heaters Solve Ambient Temperature Issue

chromalox flexible heaters 02

The Challenge

A major supplier of laboratory equipment developed an air-cooled chiller HVAC unit. However, the third-party approval agency found that, after testing, the drives used in the fan circuit were not rated for the low temperature required by the unit. The drives were rated to 10°F, while the chiller was rated to 20°F. The supplier needed to ensure that the drives would start if the temperature fell below 10°F.

The Solution

Chromalox offered two solutions, both of which provided sufficient heat to solve the problem at hand. The one selected, utilizing rectangular silicone heaters, was the most cost-effective as it required the least amount of power. Chromalox calculated power requirements and watt densities to ensure the heaters would reach required level without damaging the drives. The heaters were secured directly to the side of the unit’s inverters using a redundant system of a pressure-sensitive adhesive and nylon straps. Heaters are remotely controlled using a small, inexpensive snap disc thermostat.


  • Two engineered solutions, both of which worked, offered customer a choice
  • Fast response provided a solution that quickly gained necessary third-party approval
  • Minimal production interruption and quick, easy field retrofits keep customer online