Spotless Design Locks In the Right Process Temperatures

SRL Cable

The Challenge
The new laundry detergent manufacturing plant of a leading maker of household products required process temperature maintenance for its many process tanks and extensive piping. The engineering firm for the project asked Chromalox to specify and design the heat trace system.

The Solution
A full Chromatrace software design was provided to the customer, and the firms engineers were coached on all steps in the heat trace system design process. The design included:

  • Self-regulating heating cables, model SRL (low temperature) and model SRME (medium temperature)
  • intelliTRACE model HTLS panels, which were customized to incorporate lockout/tagout circuit breakers

Energy efficient Chromalox self-regulating cables are third-party tested and approved for use in harsh industrial applications. SRL cables provide circuit links to 660 feet and process temperature maintenance to 150 degrees F; SRME cables provide circuit links to 780 feet and process temperature maintenance to 320 degrees F.

Using microprocessor-based controls, the Chromalox intelliTRACE control panel provides complete control for the heat trace system, including temperature control, monitoring, and power management all in one package. In this case, the manufacturer required lockout/tagout circuit breakers, which required customization of the control module.

The solution perfectly met the manufacturers requirements for process temperature maintenance, monitoring and control. In addition, the design firm received the design expertise and extensive documentation required to successfully complete the project.