Starch Temperature Not Too Hot or Cold

chromalox heat transfer systems

The Challenge
The customer's plants offer a diverse range of corrugated and solid fiber containers. Hot starch is required for the process. However, if the starch exceeds 140° F, it will start to cook and then gel prematurely. During the manufacturing process, tight temperature control must be maintained of the starch holding tanks.

The Solution
The solution to the problem was to use a heat transfer system to heat the tanks. The heat transfer system allows for very tight temperature control of the starch tanks, and can be limited to 140°F. In addition, this method allows for the heat to be spread across a large surface area, thus minimizing the watt density acting on the temperature-sensitive starch product. Chromalox provided multiple microTHERM water circulating systems, specifically CMX-250-9, 480 V/3 Ph, 9 kW. Chromalox CMX systems typically include the following components:  

  • INCOLOY-sheathed immersion heater 
  • Cast Iron Bronze Fitted Centrifugal pump rated 30gpm @ 20 psi TDH with ¾ hp motor
  • Open or Closed-Loop Cooling (w/ 3.8 ft 2 heat exchanger)
  • Contactor-based control panels with overloads, fusing, and temperature control
  • Common options include SCR power control, digital communications, and higher pumping capacity  

Heat transfer systems are the best solution for heating temperature sensitive products. If the process calls for a heat transfer system and heat exchanger, Chromalox can design a system to provide the right amount of heat while meeting tight temperature requirements. Immersion heaters in direct contact with the product cannot be used because of higher watt densities and difficultly controlling the heating element skin temperature to prevent burning. For smaller systems, this method can be accomplished with a stocked CMX or CMXO heat transfer system.

The Advantages

  • Chromalox maintains over 25 CMX units in stock with various voltages, wattages, and cooling options. This wide variety enables the sales force to quickly solve customer process issues.
  • Chromalox can encapsulate all of the customers heating, power, control, and sensor needs through one source. This reduced overall costs and overhead for the customer. 
  • Application knowledge and over 50 years experience with industrial heat transfer systems allows Chromalox to solve even the most challenging process problems. 
  • Factory engineers are available anytime, anywhere, to provide installation and start-up assistance for our customers.