Used Steam-Heated Cleaning Machine Converted to Electric Heat

chromalox mts-3

The Challenge
Parts are produced by the hundreds of thousands yearly and require fast cleaning to keep pace with the milling. A used conveyor-type, steam heated cleaning machine was purchased, but plant has no available steam.

The Solution
Electric heaters were installed through the side of the alkali cleaning solution tank, through which parts are conveyed. The heaters are Chromalox Type MTS screw-plug immersion heaters rated 240 volts, 15 kw. each, 3 phase; sheath is stainless steel. The area in which the heaters are located has been covered by a protective wire screen on both sides.

Solution temperature is kept at 180° F by thermostatic control.


  • It was an economical method to heat the tank.
  • It adds no more heat than necessary and no combustion by-products in the working area.
  • Although manually controlled, the operator can maintain desired temperatures effectively.
  • The entire machine is an integrated independent unit.
  • Maintenance expense is negligible.