The Heat is On: Durable Sheathed Element Duct Heater Reduces Downtime and Costs

chromalox DH II  Industrial Duct Heater

The Challenge

A worldwide leader in specialty chemical production has been using open coil duct heaters for many years to heat the air for some of its chemical applications. These heaters fail frequently, and replacement elements are expensive. Replacement elements also have a long lead-time, which prolongs process downtime.

The Solution

Chromalox reviewed the application and recommended a duct heater with sheathed elements.  The sheathed elements are more durable, and they also are safer to operate without having electrically charged open coil elements exposed to the user.

After reviewing the customer’s process conditions and size constraints, Chromalox designed a heater that would slip into the existing duct opening.  Because the open coil elements take up less room, Chromalox had to design the elements with a fold-back configuration to maintain the appropriate watt density. The customer is replacing the open coil duct heaters as they fail with the custom Chromalox heaters.


·         Lower costs as the result of having a more durable and reliable heater.

·         Reduced downtime from failures and waiting for replacement elements.

·         Improved user safety.

·         Chromalox technical and design capabilities provided a better heater solution  customized for the application.