Warm Molds Produce Better Chocolate

Chromalox CAB Heater

The Challenge
For best results when molding chocolate, it is necessary to temper the molds to 90° F before filling with syrup. The previous heating system utilized steam radiation with forced air circulation and resulted in poor operating conditions. Temperatures were not easily controlled and condensation was a problem.

The Solution
Installing a 50 kW Chromalox forced air duct heater, type CAB, at the entrance of a long duct. Air is circulated by a 3 hp blower and a constant temperature of 90° F is maintained thermostatically.

As the molds emerge from the duct, they are filled with syrup, then continue to a cooling duct where temperature of 40° F is maintained. The customer is well pleased with the close temperature control and absence of condensation.  


  • Close, automatic temperature control.
  • Elimination of condensation problems.
  • Nothing to contaminate molds or chocolate.
  • Entire system was inexpensive to install.
  • Quality of product is now consistent.