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Thought Leadership

Chromalox Presentation at the PetChem Technical Forum 2016
At the 2016 PetChem Technical Forum, Christopher Molnar, VP of Industrial Heaters and Systems at Chromalox, provides a discussion of technology.
Chromalox Presentation at the Power-Gen International 2016
At the 2016 Power-Gen International, Cassie Haley sat down with Christopher Molnar, VP of Industrial Heaters and Systems at Chromalox, to hear about new technologies.
Chromalox Presentation at the Global Petroleum Show 2014
Chris Molnar provides a discussion and case studies examples related to electric process heating concepts at the Global Petroleum Show 2014


Product and Services Videos

DirectConnect™ Medium Voltage Technology

Chromalox Heat Trace Product Overview
Chris Myers

Chromalox Innovation and Design in Large Tank Heating
Mark Wheeler

Chromalox ITLS Heat Trace Control Panel
Scott Treser

Chromalox Product Development and Innovation
Chris Myers


Installation Videos

Chromalox SR cable Wire Prep for Use with UPC, UMC
Chromalox UMC with SR Cable - Splice and Tee
Chromalox UES End Seal Kit
Chromalox UPC with SR Cable
UMC with CWM Cable - Splice and Tee


Chromatrace Videos

ChromalTrace Quick Start Tutorial
ChromaTrace Tutorial #1 Download & Installation
ChromaTrace Tutorial #2 Navigation & Introduction Tutorial
ChromaTrace Tutorial #3 Working with Projects
ChromaTrace Tutorial #4 Importing and Exporting Data
ChromaTrace Tutorial #5 Reports


Chromalox 100-Year Videos

Chromalox Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation
Chromalox Employees Celebrate 100 Years


Chromalox Brand Value

Chromalox Brand Value


Chromalox Testing Videos

End of Current Voltage Test
Heat Trace Megger Testing Procedure
Stabilized Current Test


Chromalox Webinars


Benefits of Radiant Heating
Central vs Decentralized Process Heating and control
cost effective options for tank heating
Heat Trace Design
Heating Cable testing
Optimizing efficiencies in process heating
Power generation webinar
temperature sensor webinar