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The DNA sequencing process involves multiple PCR cycles which involves specific temperature shifts for specific dwell times.
TPCI generator helps to regulate and stabilize heat transfer fluid temperature.

The customer uses piping and metal parts in the fabrication of high speed turbines and compressors. In addition, the customer also rebuilds used turbines and compressors. 

Components for interceptor and ICBM rockets must be tested for reliability prior to deployment. 
Sanitizing duty in the ware washers requires compliance with NSF/ANSI 3 standards.
A Virginia aircraft testing facility utilizes compressed air to test aircraft devices, throttling it from the source starting at 3,800 psi down to 1,650 psi down to 5 psi. 
Chromalox was asked by a leading designer and manufacturer of custom solenoids and solenoid valves to collaborate on a new micro-solenoid valve heating project.
Pressure relief valves used in the fuel lines of jet turbine engines need to stand up to rigorous testing. 
Medical equipment manufacturer uses Chromalox cartridge heater for balloon catheter manufacturing process to meet strict size and electrical safety certification requirements.

Chromalox developed a safe, reliable cartridge heater using deep draw technology to prevent in-flight short circuiting of coffeemakers for airlines.

An oil and gas production and exploration company’s test chamber, used to evaluate down-hole drilling components, needed heaters that could withstand pressures up to 35,000 pounds per square inch and temperatures up to 500° F.

Chromalox helps OEM client develop a specialized melting point apparatus for the melting of elements for research experiments in university laboratories.
Chromalox created a customized pipe rack module to fit the requirements of the extended area. Chromalox then delivered the pipe rack to the expansion site and incorporated it into the existing pipe rack module without fail.
A manufacturer who designs, builds and markets natural gas, drying, filtering and conditioning skids required assistance in Factory Acceptance Testing on entire integrated skid in addition to the Acceptance Testing of each component.
Replication and processing of DNA requires precise, uniform heating imitating the internal temperature system of the human body.
A 92 MW co-generation power plant fueled by natural gas utilized two 46 MW gas turbines that required fuel gas treatment and preheating for increased efficiency.

A major medical laboratory came to Chromalox when an issue with a lab instrument occurred.

A manufacturer of large tanks for DEF required protection from both freezing and maximum degree temperatures. 
Glass-Lined and Hastelloy® Jackets used in hazardous chemical manufacturing are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and can easily crack and be destroyed.
For consistent production of imitation landscaping stones, their molds must be heated uniformly.
After the Columbia shuttle tragedy, Chromalox played a crucial role in making the shuttle safer.

This transportation equipment OEM's engineering team was challenged with providing comfort heat in the seating area of passenger cars.

Chromalox control panels are easily configured to accept a signal of current level status from a level controller installed within tanks.
Chromalox helps OEM manufacturer create mechanism for maintaining exhaust sampling and analyzing equipment to ensure safe pollution control from factory stacks.
Chromalox engineered and manufactured innovative heaters for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to meet the EPA standards of emissions from mobile heavy machinery.
To test simulated fuel components, it was necessary to pre-heat carbon dioxide gas, CO2, used as a coolant in a high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor.
A premier global supplier of environmental test chambers to the scientific, industrial, and defense markets, must design equipment with the capability to perform testing in accordance with a wide variety of test standards.
A waste oil heater manufacturer was using an existing immersion heater to heat water that would then preheat the oil in the company’s oil heating system used for manufacturing. 
Inlet temperature of demineralized feed-water must be controlled to properly test heating element. Required temperatures range from not less than room temperature up to 600° F.
A manufacturer of cryogenic systems for use in the aerospace industry had a critical need for a methane conversion system. 
Chromalox helped this transportation industry customer solve an unusual heating system design challenge. A heated water/glycol mixture is used to preheat the engines of the customer's locomotives.
Scientists use liquid nitrogen to freeze and preserve samples for analysis through 3D, X-ray imaging. The resulting nitrogen gas interfered with the delicate operation of the specialized microscope lens.

An intricate part in the manufacture of electronic components and solar panels, the polysilicon process, requires high temperatures, high pressure and a low flow rate to succeed.

The cooling towers of a Virginia medical facility's HVAC system required an upgrade to ensure freeze protection. 
An Arkansas manufacturer of fiberglass tanks needed to heat the a specific tank at a constant 100° F, but was concerned about potential tank wall breach due to high watt density.
An international manufacturer of epoxy industrial coatings spray systems sought help in reducing the footprint and expense of the control system that maintaining minimal system temperatures. 
Heat trace control panels cost-effectively monitor and control potential fault conditions on outdoor piping and storage tanks.
In an aerospace testing lab, air was to be heated to simulate temperatures from jet engines for the purpose of testing aircraft turbine units.
A large custom motor and generator manufacturer required a Class 1 Division 2-rated condensation heater for its manufacturing line. 
A core box oven used in a foundry required tight temperature control.  The core box is used for curing the resin binder in the sand.
An old-fashioned flame-type 80-gallon water heater could not maintain 750 degree F water temperature to allow quick dissolution of lime in the softening process. 

Metal parts must be thoroughly cleaned so that paint adheres for a good, lasting finish. This process uses a triclorethylene vapor degreasing method.

To reduce risk, it was important to preheat fuel oil used for stand-by power in case there was an interruption of natural gas supply.

In this process, castings with the physical properties of forgings are possible through the use of deeply anodized aluminum molds.

An old steam preboarding machine used for shaping hosiery needed to be replaced.
In a continuous straight-line bottling facility, bottles are loaded into the line along which a pneumatic cleaning machine automatically removes all foreign matter. 
Chromalox model SRL self-regulating heating cable was the key to freeze protection of natural gas compressor stations and booster station requiring heat tracing of condensate lines, skid lines, de-hi piping, and control and meter tubing.
In this testing process, cathode ray tubes must be heated before evacuating all the air from the tubes with a vacuum pump.
Cryogenics means "the production of icy cold"; a synonym for the low-temperature state. The customer had an application in which the piping (at cryogenic temperatures) formed ice.

If dam gates freeze or suffer from ice or snow build-up, it interferes with the operation of the dam to open and close the flood gates as necessary to control the water levels.

A leading electric utility company has installed coal scrubbers and associated equipment, as well as a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

An infrared lamp paint baking oven was a bottleneck, slowing all production, because it was unable to produce sufficiently high temperatures.

A North Carolina manufacturer of specialty synthetic fibers used in both home and industrial applications required a custom autoclave for a drying application. 

Filtration membranes in two waste water treatment tanks at an Iowa ethanol producer were susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures. 

Several U.S. processors of nut meats required a processing system to pasteurize these nut products to meet validation requirements for proper log-kill doses of salmonella and other bacteria.  
A rating/testing agency that provides third-party approvals informed an HVAC manufacturer that one of its air-cooled chiller model’s fan circuit drives were not rated for the model’s maximum low temperature, negating the required approval.

A Wyoming manufacturer of road repair “crack-filling” mixtures takes refinery byproducts and processes them into a variety of road crack filling mixtures.

Chromalox designed a heat trace system for fuel and oil heating to prevent heat loss from the pipe and to maintain the crude oil at the proper temperature to keep it liquid and flowing.
To prevent thermal shock from molten aluminum the tapping pots must be preheated.

Augers receive the heat they need thanks to Chromalox heat trace cables. Without freeze protection, the system could potentially have problems on start-up.

Chromalox custom designed a heat trace and control de-icing system to fit exact roof and gutter specifications.
Plating hangers, to which the metal items are attached and immersed in an acid plating solution, have to be plastisol-coated periodically to prevent expensive metal deposits on the hanger.
A manufacturer of specialty automotive fluids and lubricants located in the southeastern U.S. was in the process of transferring an existing production line to another facility.
This solar energy producer uses hot oil and heat exchangers to heat various process materials in the manufacture of polysilicon for solar applications. 
Impedance heating technolgy maintains uninterrupted process temperature during generator replacement installation.

Heating process for reactors and stills with hot tempering oils had limited temperature range.

When mining for gold, hazardous chemicals are held and heated within large storage tanks. Immersion Heaters with replaceable elements avoid the necessity and expense of draining tanks to maintain heaters.

Some cartridge heaters, such as this one, are constructed with a heli-arc welded end disc where small pin holes can form and lead to failure. 
An OEM customer in railway car HVAC systems required both overhead heaters with open coil and tubular elements, as well as custom duct heaters to provide safe, reliable and comfortable heat on passenger railway cars.
Chromalox self-regulating roof and gutter heating cable provides energy efficient solutions to roof ice dam problems in commercial buildings.
A Missouri coal-fired generating station needed to reduce coal dust in an onsite tunnel.  Approximately 9,000 rail cars of coal pass through the tunnel each month, dumping coal for power generation.

A global manufacturer and supplier of commercial equipment for many of the food service leaders needed a more efficient way to heat a new line of multilevel food warmers.

A colonial-style two-story municipal building in a Cleveland suburb was beset with build-ups of  snow, ice and moisture. 

Chromalox Kapton® Flexible Heaters help simulate deep space conditions for terrestrial testing of satellites and other space systems.
Chromalox Kapton® flexible heaters help to provide consumers with clean and green on-demand water heating.
Infrared lamps, used in an oven for about 18 years, required replacement about twice a year. 
Steel chains must be "oil coated" to ensure lasting strength and rust-free delivery. 
How does one heat, sense, and control a gel-filled, carbon fiber backed heated seat for a high-end luxury automobile?
Maintaining a temperature of 250° F on Micarta strips after after removal from a pre-heating oven.
A machining and tooling company was asked to retrofit an existing conveyor system that used a quartz bulb heating design in a two-stage oven.
Silicone Laminate Heaters provides more heat and saves more money.
One of the most critical production operations at this plant is the finish-grinding of the hubs and shafts for J57 and J75 jet engines.
A Chromalox solution for maintaining correct temperatures in oil tanks for lightweight and thick viscous oil using an electric heat trace system.
A large South Dakota electric power plant needed to upgrade the 10-year-old heating system on an external storage tank.

In this plant, the salt bath heating operation is initiated each working day at 3:00 a.m. by a time clock.

A leading supplier of power generation and energy delivery technology needed to standardize the design of its various power turbines.
To heat thermoplastic sheet material for vacuum forming, heating must be rapid, uniform and controllable. 
Batch drying in a circulating hot air oven was slow and involved additional handling in loading and unloading.
A 50 feet oven using glass heat lamps gave an uneven paint bake. 
Chromalox heating specialists were called upon to keep mining safety showers from freezing. 
The auto manufacturer needed to quickly construct a paint baking oven large enough to handle one piece automobile grilles with a minimum of capital expenditure.
A protective, water-soluble oil is applied to the screws in a dip tank, then parts are conveyed through a furnace designed to dry off the water. 
Insect infestation was a serious problem at a dog food production plant. 
To achieve a tight seat on bottle tops, wax liners are inserted and twisted into position. 
The former method used by this food processor was to soften the candy by heating it with a gas burner prior to and during cutting and shaping. 

Chromalox Hot Oil System maintains high temperatures necessary to heat jacketed reactors with customized seal-less pump.

This plant produces high quality metal work, some of which had been outsourced to a nearby painting company.
A low cost, accurately controlled oven for both drying and baking of painted products and printed circuits was required by this manufacturer. 
In this process, wood panels must be preheated before applying paint with an automatic coating machine.
Chromalox helps southern California refinery heat products evenly. 
Parts are produced by the hundreds of thousands yearly and require fast cleaning to keep pace with the milling. 
A waxing system on an industrial packaging corrugated paper line could not reliably maintain the required temperature.
A large assisted living facility in Iowa had gone through several renovations and additions. 
Heating viscous fluids speeds loading time of tanker trucks.
Chromalox Silicone Laminate Heaters keeps passengers warm.
On tanks intended for outdoor installations, the original equipment manufacturer is often requested to install heating equipment. 
A manufacturer of packaging equipment for the poultry industry was unhappy with their current supplier of water tight elements for use on its machines.
Chromalox Temperature Control Solutions for HVAC laboratory temperature problem
A world leader in the manufacture of smoke stack sampling equipment for power and process industries needed some help meeting EPA rules.
Working on a submarine in the depths of the ocean would be cold and damp without Chromalox radiant comfort heaters.
Chromalox packaged heating system provides tight control of temperature sensitive process.
Dolomite is composed of 60% calcium and 40% magnesium and tends to pick up moisture from rain and fog. The old method used was air drying which left them at the mercy of the weather.
The numerous high voltage transformers located outdoors and on poles are constantly subjected to the heavily moisture-laden atmosphere. 
To safely heat a special asphalt for corrugated pipe coating in a tank semi-circular in cross-section was a particular challenge for this manufacturer.
Resin stored in large kettles would solidify when the temperature dropped too low.
It was important for this aircraft manufacturer to provide heat tests for airplane altimeters to meet new Air Force requirements. 
Chromalox blower heater is rugged and built to operate at various voltages without rewiring,

A Colorado natural gas driller performs hydraulic fracture drilling, using water and steam mixtures.

A worldwide leader in specialty chemical production has been using open coil duct heaters for many years to heat the air for some of its chemical applications.
Chromalox develops terminal enclosure that stands up to harsh operating environment and is easy to install.
Custom thick film heater provides improved heat transfer, as well as moisture resistance.
An load bank manufacturer was not receiving timely delivery of screw plug and straight tubular heaters from its current supplier.
Turn-key heat trace system designdesigned using model SRM/E self-regulating heating cable.
A major web mapping service applications provider contacted Chromalox to come up with a unique flexible heater design for their land base and aerial earth mapping cameras.
For best results when molding chocolate, it is necessary to temper the molds to 90° F before filling with syrup.
A Wyoming zoo’s plans for a new exhibit for mountain lions, lynx, otters, snow fox and grizzly bears called for keeping the animals as close to the public as possible. 
In this lamination process, up to four sheets of paper are laminated at one time by a press.
Chromalox helps OEM client in farming industries create custom machinery to dry out farming by-products such as corn husks and animal refuse into FDA approved fertilizer and other soil enrichments.
The cleanest and most efficient semi-automated system for deep fat frying of fish was desired by this customer. 
No one likes to get up and go to work before the sun comes up in the morning, especially on cold winter mornings. 
A Pennsylvania biofuels plant needed to find a new heat trace system to effectively protect its investment in the renewable energy future.  
The new laundry detergent manufacturing plant of a leading maker of household products required process temperature maintenance for its many process tanks and extensive piping. 
With metal, the finishes required must be baked on, which meant they needed to install a baking oven.
Keeping lipstick mixture at optimum temperature during forming process was difficult. 
This customer needed a temperature controller which was simple to use and available for quick shipment.

All semi-conductor wafers, as part of their micro-fabrication, must undergo an etching process which chemically removes layers from the surface of a wafer during manufacturing.

The tremendous increase in building construction in past years and the wider use of laminated plywood has brought about an improvement in the art of making the plies for laminating into plywood.
Chromalox helps 3rd party client design and install a heat trace system in a brand new canola oil processing plant to maintain specific process temperatures while flax seed is processed into canola oil.
The previous method of heating the baptismal font use at a church was to draw hot water from church's hot water heating system.
During the re-plasticizing process of recycled plastics, the plastic materials need to be melted and the temperature accurately maintained throughout the process. Once the plastic is in a liquid form, petroleum and petroleum by-products can be harvested and re-used.
Accurate temperature control is a vital ingredient in plastic injection molding. 
Explosion-proof heat trace system provides safe, reliable freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks in hazardous locations.
Ensuring reliable operation of todays next-generation wind turbines has become a critical issue.

Palm oil processing is being jeopardized by sudden temperature changes due to the increasing unpredictability of extremes in weather conditions around the globe.

State legislature has mandated an increase in the amount of organic additives used in biodiesel fuels manufactured in Pennsylvania.
New UL 197 requirements create a challenge for a commercial cooking appliance manufacturer.
De-burring the flashing from molded plastic parts is performed in a tumbler. Steam is used as a pickup medium for dust control.
For accurate results, maintaining the temperature of hot water, used in thermal shock tests, at a constant temperature of 90° F above incoming cold water. 
Due to this caustic nature of the biodiesel production feedstock, this customer was experiencing process heater failures at a frequency that was unacceptable.
A Missouri food processing plant required an inexpensive heat trace system to prevent freezing on soybean oil processing pipe run. 
Dry steam prevents excessive paper moisture in printing process.
Weather stripping for automobile windshields, extruded of sun-resistant synthetic rubber, is produced in long strips, then cut to size, and spliced to be ready for installation on the auto assembly line.
The lubricant division of a major petroleum processor blends and packages motor oil and automotive lubricants, which are then shipped to retailers around the U.S. 
Controlling the viscosity of asphalt paint is paramount to the quality of the end product.  

A manufacturer of custom guitars had a need to better control the lamination process for bonding the side panels that make up the guitar body shape.