High Intensity Quartz Faced Radiant Heater

High Intensity Quartz Faced Radiant Heater
  • 40 W/in²
  • 16 - 4.8 kW
  • 240 and 480 Volt
  • 1 and 3 Phase
  • 1750˚F Max. Emitter Temperature
  • 10" Long x 4 - 12" Wide

  • Moisture Removal from Bottles, Cans and Components
  • Nylon and Dye Heat Setting
  • Firing Vitreous Enamels
  • Soften Plastics prior to Thermoforming
  • Heating for Shrink Fitting
  • Sealing Glass to Metal
  • Shrink and Blister Packaging
  • Brown Food Prior to Freezing
  • Wherever Close Maximum Heat is Required, such as Process Boosting

Highest Watt Density Available of any Medium Wave Infrared Radiant Panel Heater — Due to thermal and electrical properties of the grooved quartz face plate, CPHI has the highest watt density (5.76 kW/Ft2) of any medium wave infrared radiant panel.

Uniform Radiation Pattern Assured with a wide flat infrared surface versus the line pattern given in normal radiant heaters. This eliminates uneven heating of the work and allows uniform heating of a stationary surface such as in an indexing process.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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224549 CPHI-0424 240V1PH 1.6KW Buy Now
224557 CPHI-0624 240/480V, 2.4KW Buy Now
224565 CPHI-0824 240/480V, 3.2KW Buy Now
224573 CPHI-1024T 240/480V1P 4. Buy Now
224581 CPHI-1224T 240/480V1P 4. Buy Now