Hot Oil Systems - CLD-A

Hot Oil Systems - CLD-A
  • Pressurized Operation- ASME Certified to 150 psig @ 750°F
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Chromalox CLD Hot Oil Heaters are engineered to operate up to 750°F at a pressure of 150 psig. They are used with Dowtherm®, Therminol® and other high temperature heat transfer fluids which require pressurization to operate at temperature.

Chromalox CLD Hot Oil Heat Transfer Systems are ruggedly constructed and completely self contained (except for the optional external expansion tank). All CLD systems come complete with heaters, controls, pump valves, safety devices and necessary plumbing. The high temperature cast steel centrifugal pump is provided with a water cooled mechanical seal designed for continuous operation at a maximum temperature of 750°F. CLD systems are factory tested and ready to operate.

Overtemperature Cutout protects elements and fluid from overheating

Electrical Interlock between pump motor and heating element contactors

Flexible Piping before and after pump absorbs vibration and prevents pump damage from thermal expansion

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