Unmatched Protection from Moisture

DriMeg™ technology encompasses a suite of advanced moisture control barriers, scientifically proven materials, proprietary manufacturing processes, and innovative control schemes that prevent, reduce, and eliminate moisture from electric heating elements. Leveraging DriMeg™ technology to mitigate moisture in electric heating elements provides increased safety, minimizes operational risk, and reduces operating costs.

DriMeg™ technology combines innovative material sciences, engineering and, proprietary manufacturing processes to reduce the threat of moisture, creating a more robust and reliable heating solution.

The characteristics of electric heating elements make them especially susceptible to moisture contamination. Moisture contamination typically occurs within the Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulation. MgO is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and holds moisture. This can lead to unsafe operating conditions, unplanned downtime due to potential element failure, and high operating costs due to element replacement. DriMeg™ technology can prevent, reduce, and eliminate moisture contamination, enabling end users safe, worry-free operation while eliminating costly maintenance and downtime.

Advanced moisture control barriers incorporate unique material blends and engineering design to create a moisture-repellent, high-strength bond, reducing the likelihood of contamination in the MgO insulation. Each DriMeg™ advanced moisture control barrier is designed to fit a customer’s specific application and cost targets. Solutions range from simple conformal coatings that provide excellent moisture control while minimizing cost, to complex hermetic seals that form a completely moisture proof barrier. In applications where limited moisture control is needed, less complex seal configurations that utilize silicon resins and epoxies can be effectively utilized. In applications where moisture control is critical, hermetic and IP67 seals utilize a combination of sealing adhesives and bonded ceramics to produce a complete moisture barrier.

DriMeg™ technology also facilitates the reduction and elimination of moisture through unique process control schemes that sense the dielectric strength (indication of moisture contamination) and actively reduce power output to prevent unsafe operating conditions. Preventive and predictive failure control logic monitors processes in real-time and provides alerts to indicate potential errors.