Custom Solutions for Building & Construction

With over a century of expertise in the heating industry, we offer unparalleled electric heating solutions customized for the building and construction sectors. Our innovations ensure buildings are protected from the harshness of cold weather, giving cost-effective and reliable answers. Whether it is generating steam or hot water for inside use, maintaining fluid temperatures, or keeping entrances and exits ice-free, we can meet your needs.

Our electric heating systems safeguard plumbing and mechanical systems and eliminate the need for expensive dual-pipe designs and pumps. Reassuringly, our products are known for their quality, safety, and performance, catering to the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects.

With a large inventory ready to ship, we guarantee a solution for every challenge. Our engineers are available to design systems that align with your specifications, budget, and timeline.

For data centers and electronic enclosures situated in cold or outdoor environments, condensation can be a significant threat. Here we offer electric heating elements that prevent condensation, ensuring the longevity and functionality of critical electronic components. With both standard and custom-designed enclosure heaters, they cater to ordinary and hazardous areas, ensuring your electronics remain protected and operational. 

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