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Case Studies

From Sustainable Energy to Space Rockets, Chromalox supports customers within a variety of industries with over 100 years of expertise in thermal solutions.

Case Studies

Explore the range of case studies across various industries below.
biofuel storage from above
Tank Heaters Provide Biofuel Winter Protection

Chromalox supports an alternative fuel company to keep their biofuel flowing throughout the winter months in Maryland.

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Biofuel plant with sun setting over the hills
Biofuels Manufacturer Turns to Heat Tracing to Protect its Investment

A biofuel plant conversion in Pennsylvania replaced steam tracing with a self-regulating heat trace cable to provide precise temperature control.

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Picture of a car being charged
CHS Steam Generator for a Major Electric Car Manufacturer

An electric car company was in need of a steam generator that provided start-up and trim steam supply for heating jacketed vessels.

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A picture of a utility distribution
Utility Company Targets Zero Emissions

An electric utility company partnered with Chromalox to replace their existing fuel oil fired boiler with an electric steam generator to achieve zero emissions.

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Electric car manufacturing line
Electric Vehicle Company Reduces Carbon Output

An electric vehicle and clean energy company in America partnered with Chromalox to provide emission-free heating solution.

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Oil and gas rig out at sea
Reducing Carbon Emissions for Oil & Gas Company Equinor

Chromalox worked with a petroleum refining company to design a test high-capacity medium voltage steam generator within the one-year timeframe.

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picture of a dam with water running down it
Freeze Prevention Protects Millions Downstream from Hydroelectric Dam

A hydroelectric dam needed to replace their 30-year old Open coil Element heater which is critical to the operation of the flood gates.

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Two jet engines flying in the sky
Jet Engine Manufacturer Require Critical Heating for Processes

One of the most critical production operations at this plant is the finish-grinding of the hubs and shafts for J57 and J75 jet engines.

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Space Shuttle with earth in view
Chromalox Support NASA with Their Return to Flight Mission

Anti-icing cartridge heaters support NASA's crucial return to flight mission after the 2003 Columbia tragedy.

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picture of recycling close up
Plastic Recycling Plant Developing Sustainable Fuel with Help from the MaxiZone®

A plastic recycling company turns to Chromalox to provide heat to develop a sustainable fuel source utilizing the MaxiZone® High Temperature Cartridge Heaters.

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oil refinery at night
Refinery Uses Heat Trace & Digital Temperature Sensors to Ensure Even Heat

A southern California refinery experienced uneven heating with the existing heat trace cable on some of its piping systems, resulting in an ammonia smell that caused concern.

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Two engineers walking through a solar field
Solar Company Replaces Gas-Fired System with Electric Heating

In a move to decarbonize processes, a solar energy producer replaced a gas-fired system with a Chromalox circulation heater.

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