About our Heat Trace Solutions

We specialize in providing advanced heat trace systems, designed to bring optimal solutions for diverse applications, improving energy efficiency and ease of installation. Our extensive range of heat trace cables, control, and monitoring products are your solution for demanding applications such as process temperature maintenance, long pipeline heating, foundation heating, and freeze protection.

Our design services are seamlessly integrated into your business, working from the initial design phase to the completion of the project. We work together with your engineers, ensuring the integration of a heat trace system that is not only effective but also low-maintenance, safeguarding your operations, budget, and schedule from unnecessary risks.

With our long experience in delivering tailored solutions, you can expect excellence in service throughout the project, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your system. Our extensive stock and fast delivery speed mean you never have to wait for the components you need, making your project timelines and stock management hassle-free.

The Chromalox Difference

Across many industries, both commercial and industrial, our heat trace installations are working day and night, keeping temperature management optimized. Choosing Chromalox will deliver our unrivaled commitment to quality, efficient design, and excellent service.

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Energy Efficient

Optimized for efficiency gains across your processes.

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Quick Install

Designed for faster installation to reduce your labor time.

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Low Maintenance

Rugged and durable design means intervention is rarely required.

Heat Trace Applications

However harsh the environment, whatever the weather brings, our heat trace products are hard at work keeping things operating as they should. 

In the commercial sector, that might mean making sure ice and freezing are no longer an issue. From pipes to fire sprinklers, frost heaves to waste flow systems, roofs, gutters, and even sidewalks, a carefully designed heat trace solution can prevent the elements from causing trouble.

Industries rely on us to keep oil and gas moving, tanks and pipelines flowing freely, instruments reporting accurately, and many more niche applications worldwide. Our best-in-class products are used daily by businesses that demand only the best to keep their operations running without incident.