Pioneering the Future for Oil & Gas

As the world transitions towards a more sustainable future, oil and gas remain vital resources that power our daily lives and drive economic growth. The challenge lies in maximizing the extraction and utilization of these resources in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. We've been leading the way for more than a century. 

Our advanced thermal management solutions are renowned for maintaining 24/7 operations that are as efficient, safe and sustainable as possible. Today, the oil and gas processing industries rely on us to help them decarbonize their operations. 

In the upstream sector, we offer robust, dependable, and zero-emission electric heaters to support the exploration and production of oil and gas. These heaters, including heater treaters and TEG reboilers, are crucial for maintaining the viscosity of drilling mud, waxy crude, and other fluids, whilst providing comfort heating for personnel and preventing freeze-ups in pipelines. 

Midstream companies rely on us for tank heaters, heat trace and control panels, heat transfer systems, and other solutions to ensure uninterrupted supply and transport of crude oil and natural gas. These include firetube retrofit and medium voltage process heaters, which are essential for maintaining the temperature of stored viscous materials, preventing freezing in pipes and valves, and heating distillation columns for hydrocarbon separation. 

Downstream operations benefit from our electric process heaters used in refining and petrochemical processing. Options here include retrofitting API-560/API heaters to become emissions-free. We also offer advanced thermal technology solutions for LNG terminal applications, including tank heaters, vaporizers, and heat trace and control panels. 

We focus on your total operating cost when evaluating heating systems. Factors like thermal conversion efficiencies, operational efficiency, maintenance costs, production downtime, and emission costs are all considered. Details like these empower you to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for electrification and decarbonization.

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