Zero Emission Thermal Technologies

Advances in modern technology have led to developing countries consuming energy at an alarming rate, with every year the energy needs of our planet being greater than the year before. Fossil fuels have long since been the dominant source of fuel, but long-term reliance on them for energy has its limits, and the attributed pollution that comes from them are starting to leave a scar on our planet that may be irreversible. This significant challenge to break away from fossil fuels has brought on great strides of ingenuity and technologies aimed at changing our reliance from the finite, to the sustainable.

At Chromalox, we specialize in zero emission thermal technologies that are designed for the world’s most challenging applications. From component heaters capable of precise temperature uniformity, to high temperature air heaters for thermal energy storage systems, our solutions are capable of addressing the thermal needs of all facets of sustainable energy. Our century plus of experience and innovation makes us the trusted partner in electric heat for transition into a sustainable future.

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