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Once oil and gas are extracted from the sea floor and or land- based oil and gas wells it needs to be transported, gathered, and processed from these upstream facilities. Oil and natural gas systems encompass wells, gas gathering and processing facilities, storage, and transmission and distribution pipelines. These components are all important aspects of the oil and natural gas cycle—the process of getting oil, refined products, and natural gas out of the ground and to the end user. These operations are 24/7, 365 days a year. Chromalox continues to be a trusted partner for over 100 plus years to provide efficient, cost effective, reliable, and sustainable zero emission thermal management systems for this challenging and ever- changing industry.

Downstream LNG Terminal Applications

With an over-abundance of natural gas from conventional and unconventional oil/gas plays, LNG companies are treating the incoming natural gas before it is liquified for transport across the globe. LNG import facilities utilize electric heaters as part of the re-vaporization and compression process to inject natural gas into supply pipelines. LNG companies rely on Chromalox’s expertise to design and manufacture efficient, zero emission, and robust electric heaters and power control assemblies for their demanding applications and locations.

Midstream Processing Applications

Midstream companies are relied upon to process, transport, and the storage of crude oil and natural gas. Downstream companies and customers rely and depend on Midstream companies for an uninterrupted supply of crude oil and natural gas. Chromalox designs and manufactures dependable, reliable, efficient, and zero emission electric heaters for an industry that demands performance.

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