DirectConnect™ Process Heaters

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Low Maintenance

Rugged and durable design means intervention is rarely required.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce installation costs and total cost of ownership compared to Low.

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Proven Technology

Chromalox have been manufacturing and installing Medium Voltage technology for over 10 years.

DirectConnect™ Process Heaters

Chromalox DirectConnect™ Process Heaters utilizing medium voltage technology drastically reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs for large process heating demands. Medium voltage systems are engineered to provide precise process temperature control and are designed to operate for many years in service at voltages up to 7200 V. As with traditional low voltage systems, DirectConnect™ immersion and circulation heaters can be adapted to suit virtually any liquid or gas application.


Chromalox Technology

Over a century of product development and application experience are delivered in each product we manufacture. Chromalox in-house engineering and fabrication capability allows for an endless possibility of design. DirectConnect™ medium voltage heating technology is the culmination of our history. Our design innovations, testing, and independent certifications ensure unmatched quality of design with every unit. Electric heating provides the best option for process heating because of its overall efficiency, zero emissions, precise temperature control, and ability to supply exactly what is demanded by the process. Now, these advantages can be leveraged into much larger process heating demands due to the DirectConnect™ medium voltage technology.

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From high temperature gas heating to superheated steam and super-critical water processing, Chromalox is the leading partner for all process heating solutions.