SMM ChromaMelt Snow Melting Mats

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Energy Efficient

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About the Product

Each roll of snow melt series cable has thick heating wire for embedding in concrete, asphalt, or under pavers. The cables come in maximum 500' (152m) length, providing 50 watts per square foot. The cable has a layer of shielding and insulation, suitable for low temperatures, UV resistant and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for outdoor use.

SMM Snow Melt Mats

+  Easy Installation in asphalt, concrete and pavers
+  Cable fixed to Easy Roll out mat for quick and Easy Installation
+  2 Zone Control in one unit
+  Can be switched to standby or forced on to override timer settings in extreme weather
+  Economical Control of ice and snow melting
+  Indoor Mounting
+  Operating Voltage: 240V or 480V
+  Output Rating: ± 50 W/ft2
+  Mat Width 2' (.61m) or 3' (.91m)
+  Range of Lengths from 15' (0.9m) up to 120' (36.57m)
+  Energy Efficient Dual Conductor Heating Cable
+  Rated to a Maximum Temperature of 464˚F (240˚C)
+  Cold Lead Length 16.4' (.164m)
+  For Other Voltages, Lengths or Widths, Please Consult Factory
+  Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA

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Chromalox heat trace solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.