How Are We Doing Our Part to Ensure Your Water is Safe?

As a trusted leader for over 100 years in electric heating solutions, Chromalox strives to serve all your agricultural, municipal, and commercial water needs by providing products which comply with safe drinking water regulations. Chromalox electric water heaters have led the way in adopting the NSF/ANSI/CAN certification. Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to NSF/ANSI/CAN to develop public health standards and certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment. UL an independent, accredited organization, tests, audits and certifies products and systems.

 UL Water Quality Mark

This mark is your assurance that the heater product you are purchasing has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. Recognized by regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and international level, the certification mark means that the product complies with all standard requirements.

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