About DirectConnect™

The DirectConnect™ medium voltage electric solutions offer a groundbreaking solution for industries with large heating demands. Already at work in the power generation, oil and gas, and chemical sectors, these systems not only significantly reduce installation and lifecycle costs but also deliver emissions-free operation.

Historically, industries have leaned on low voltage systems, usually under 1000V, for their electric heating needs, with fossil fuels being the go-to for higher heat requirements. As industries increasingly search for more sustainable ways of operating, medium voltage electric heating provided by Chromalox DirectConnect™ emerges as a compelling, cleaner, and more efficient alternative.

Save on Installation & Reduce Running Costs

For electric heating projects, the costs of installation can quickly outweigh those of the equipment itself and start-up costs. The need for transformers, wiring, terminations, conduit runs, hangers, wire pulls, and inspections significantly increases the project costs. Chromalox's DirectConnect™ medium voltage technology, operating seamlessly up to 7200V, minimizes or eliminates the need for transformers. This technology reduces amperage, requires fewer, smaller wires, and cuts installation costs. Also, taking advantage of medium voltages improves your power distribution efficiency. A typical low-voltage system will run at around 96% efficiency, due to heat losses from transmission, known as I2R losses. Switching to a medium voltage heating solution can boost efficiency to 99% or more.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce installation costs and total cost of ownership compared to Low.

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Energy Efficient

Increased energy efficiency of 15%+ possible compared to alternative energy sources.

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Proven Technology

Chromalox have been manufacturing and installing Medium Voltage technology for over 10 years.