Medium Voltage Heating Systems
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Improves Operating Efficiencies and Lowers Installation Cost

Chromalox DirectConnect medium voltage electric systems slash installation and lifecycle costs while providing pollution-free operation for process heating. Chromalox sees process industries moving to medium voltage heating for applications greater than 879 kW (3 MMBtu/hr). Aside from lower costs and clean operation, medium voltage electric heating offers advantages such as:

  • lowered safety concerns (no open flames)
  • stable electricity prices
  • minimal maintenance, and
  • accurate temperature control.

DirectConnect medium voltage electric heating systems find use for large heating demands in such heavy industries as power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical. Typical process heating applications include in-line circulation systems, heat transfer packages, and steam boilers for use as fuel gas heaters, steam superheaters, hydrocarbon vaporizers, hot oil systems, and Power-to-Heat applications.

Chromalox DirectConnect systems bring a safe and reliable technical design for metal-sheathed electric process heating and power controls for heating systems operating at medium voltages. These patent-pending, Chromalox DirectConnect medium voltage electric heating systems capture all the advantages of electric process heat while offering significant cost savings over low voltage, high amperage designs.DirectConnect examples

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Traditionally, most industries have used low voltage systems (typically less than 1000V) for electric heating applications. Fossil fuels have long been favored in applications requiring more heat. These fuels also benefited from the existing infrastructure of heavy industry. But fossil fuels have become associated with increasing regulations, complex instrumentation, and environmental concerns. For industrial replacements and expansions, medium voltage electric heat offers an attractive alternative.

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