Certified Solutions for Laboratory Sanitization

The Challenge

A major US based manufacturer of analytical laboratory equipment with a global customer base came to Chromalox with a critical manufacturing requirement. This customer is a manufacturer of scientific laboratory glassware washing equipment that must meet stringent sanitization standards for the glassware loads.  Sanitizing duty in the ware washers requires compliance with NSF/ANSI 3 standards, which have specific temperature and time cycle specifications.  Water temperatures must be maintained above 150°F (65°C) and in some cases up to 199°F (93°C) for more difficult to remove substances, such as oils and waxes. This OEM’s brand reputation relies on the resulting cleanliness of the glassware load.  Their customer base demands contaminant free glassware for their ultra-sensitive scientific analysis. Superior cleanliness is the ultimate performance indicator in the ware washer industry, and is measured with EPA Methods 200.7 and 8270, which test for residual contaminants at the microscopic level.

The Solution

A custom Chromalox tubular heater met the technical certification requirements to be installed in these UL 61010-1 certified ware washers.  This specific design is available with a small footprint, with high heat capacity. These requirements were addressed by designing a custom bending configuration that was unique to the customer’s application. Additionally, Chromalox’s patented V-Seal technology was incorporated into the tubular element design, which prevents moisture ingress into the element.  Moisture can cause current leakage, which in-turn violates both domestic and international third-party standards.  Unique bulkhead fittings were also required on the elements for ease of installation. These fittings had to be “quick- connect” and pressure-tight for replacement during peak operating conditions.

The Benefits

+ Patented V-Seal design technology
+ Ease of installation
+ High heat capacity with a small footprint