Finned Tubular and Strip Heaters

Finstrip® and Fintube® heaters are ideal for OEMs and Users for heating air or gases. Superior to open coil elements, the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath. This minimizes a shock hazard due to accidental contact with the heater and makes the heater more rugged. The sheath also makes these elements ideal for applications with vibration. The Finstrip® heater is also ideal for anti-condensation heating of control panels and vibrating equipment like motors or generators. The Fintube® heater is capable of being formed into various configurations to fit almost anywhere and are often ganged together to form banks of heaters. Both heaters come with an array of mounting options and terminations.
Rippenrohr- und Rippen Heizbänder

Rippenbänder und Rippenrohr Elemente verwenden ein robustes, Metallmantelentwicklung und sind für kundenspezifische Konfigurationen verfügbar.