Technology Platforms

We design and manufacture the highest quality into each Chromalox product, and that allows us to produce systems that are tailored to our customers' needs.
Technology Platforms HomeWe design and manufacture the highest quality into each Chromalox product, and that allows us to produce systems that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Component Technology Platforms

Chromalox component technologies provide sophisticated building blocks upon which applied technologies—and entire heating systems—are built. Quality, performance, and attention to detail are paramount at the even the most basic level in order to create systems that perform reliably long after installation and commissioning.

Metal Sheathed Heating Technology Metal Sheathed Heating Technologies

Chromalox manufactures a broad scope of metal sheathed components, including the industry’s longest tubular elements (over 40’ / 12 meters). We utilize a proprietary process to select high quality MgO and its critical grain size distribution. Our proprietary MgO mixtures for special cements, dielectrics and air set mixtures ensures our customers receive high quality products. We produce flat blade and pressed elements, including hermetic seals for a moisture-proof barrier. In addition, we manufacture metal sheathed components for strip and ring heaters, mica bands, and custom cartridge heaters. Metal sheathed heating technologies are capable of heating processes to 1800°F/982°C and can operate up to 4160 volts. Chromalox has over 230 patents on metal sheathed heating technologies and their associated production processes.

Polymer and Specialty Heating Technologies Polymer and Specialty Heating Technologies

Chromalox manufactures heat tracing cable, including constant-wattage cable, mineral-insulated cable, and self-regulating cable. We utilize numerous proprietary compounds, formulas, extrusion and annealing processes developed by our polymer scientists to deploy our specialty heating technologies. In addition, Chromalox manufactures skin-effect heating systems for long runs (over 10 miles/16km), and flexible heaters that can apply direct heat to most sizes, shapes, or contours. Our impedance heating systems temperature ranges are only limited by the process piping maximum temperatures.

Temperature Control Technology Temperature Control Technologies

Chromalox provides custom control solutions, including temperature control algorithms and communication protocols. Chromalox engineering and design methodologies combine custom electronic solutions together with heating technologies to create a reliable long lasting thermal system. Our control panels and technologies are custom-engineered to order, providing efficiency and reducing operational cost and wear. These systems include multi-loop densely packaged control systems, unique sensor and output mapping and scalable supervisory control systems. Chromalox has many patents on power control and multi-loop control systems.

Applied Technology Platforms

Our applied technology platforms combines our design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to provide the highest quality, most innovative advanced thermal technology products and systems available worldwide.

Material and Welding Science Material and Welding Sciences

With ASME-certified welders in-house since 1953, Chromalox offers more in-plant welding experience than any other electric heater manufacturer to perform welding correctly, per AWS standards. Our capabilities include pulsed MIG (GMAW) welding technology, gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW), and proprietary orbital welding. Chromalox maintains ASME section I, IV, and VIII capabilities with S, M, U, and R stamps. Chromalox has unique capabilities to weld dissimilar materials for unique corrosive applications. Often we use exotic metal alloys and dielectric materials that others cannot.

Thermal and Fluid Dynamics Thermal and Fluid Dynamics

Chromalox understands flow and heat transfer characteristics. We create custom baffle configurations to optimize both in our systems. In critical applications Chromalox is able to verify specific design elements using the latest software tools. This allows us to check and double check our calculations in a systematic way to ensure the safest and most efficient thermal system. For more complicated scenarios, Chromalox uses fluid dynamic and thermal modeling software models to optimize designs early in the development process. We are then able to confirm these designs in our third party certified labs with real world testing.

From the very moment our customers identify a need, we’re ready to work with them at every level—planning, design and engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, service—to deliver a product or system solution that meets even the most complex or challenging requirements. We can modify one of the 700,000+ top-level designs we have on file, or we can design and manufacture a completely new product or system that meets our customers’ budgets requirements with fewer design iterations and the shortest possible turnaround time. 

customized computer modeling Customized Computer Modeling

Chromalox utilizes proprietary design tools and software that codifies 100 years of our collective intelligence in application experience, product design, and R&D to solve your specific thermal challenge.  Chromalox can design heating solutions for any unique requirement. Drawing on the more than 700,000 top-level designs we have on file, we will design an existing product or design and manufacture a completely new one to fit your needs. In addition, our dozens of product configurators codify our control and heater design experience for a fast valid, practical, and producible design every time.  Chromalox will help you produce prototypes for new products and systems, developing innovative design in the shortest possible turnaround time.

Our in-house engineering and software capabilities allow us to design user-friendly interfaces. These advanced designs can reduce your business training time and expense, as well as increase repeatable operation. In addition, Chromalox has training tools and resources to assist you with installation, startup, and operation. Among the software platforms that Chromalox employs are:

Expert Engineering Services

Our team of almost 100 engineers is eager to provide the expertise to seamlessly integrate a heating and control system solution that meets and surpasses even the most demanding and complex applications. Chromalox provides a full range of in-house engineering support including: 

Comprehensive Site Services

Chromalox offers customized site services that help ensure that our systems provide continued efficiency, safety, and performance with limited down-time, all in an effort to increase the longevity of our customers’ systems and maximize their investments. We provide expert installation and commissioning, ensuring seamless integration and proficient operation of our systems. Post-commissioning, Chromalox provides preventive maintenance to keep your systems up and running for optimal performance.

We stand behind our products, systems, and customers every step of the way. If problems arise, Chromalox service contracts, technical assistance, and emergency service will quickly get you back on-line.