Maintaining Critical Temperatures in Winter

When cold weather comes, companies rely on Chromalox for innovative heating solutions to ensure complex equipment and processes continue moving efficiently -- no matter how low the temperature might fall.

Cato Oil and Gas, a Maryland-based diversified energy company, is helping to meet the growing demand for alternative fuels. The company opened a biodiesel terminal to receive biofuels from a nearby refinery and blend them with other fuels to meet customer requirements. For instance, the local transit authority runs buses on fuel that includes 20 percent soybean and vegetable oils with petroleum.

However, a key challenge was ensuring year-round operation given that the facility's tank and distribution lines must stay at 60 degrees or higher much warmer than the typical winter temperatures on Maryland's Eastern Shore, which can stay well below freezing. Cato turned to Chromalox for expert advice and installation of a tank heater, heat tracing system, and power controls. Cato's 120,000-gallon storage tank is heated by a Chromalox LTFX tank heater, which provides low-watt density heating over a large surface area, easily replaceable heating elements, and precise temperature control. To ensure safe operations given the proximity to gasoline and other fuels, the Chromalox system features an explosion-proof control panel and self-regulating heating cable that provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications, and is approved for use in hazardous locations

As demand for alternative fuels continues to grow, Chromalox is helping companies like Cato meet the demand. In fact, Chromalox provides precision heat and control systems for more alternative heat fuels processes around the world than any other company.

Chromalox provided one-stop shopping to help us on this project, said Tim Enge, Cato's Vice President of Terminal Operations. They worked closely with our engineers to find the right products and ensure a smooth installation, and they will continue to guide us on maintenance.