CHS Steam Generator

A major electric car company was in need of a steam generator that provided start-up and trim steam supply for heating jacketed vessels. In addition to needing a product that met these requirements, this company needed a very quick turnaround to allow them to get to market first due to their competitive industry.

The Solution

The Chromalox team met the customer’s needs with (2) CHS High Capacity Horizontal Steam Generators designed for 500 KW @ 480V 3PH power. 

Since we were able to provide the units with a National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4 rating, the customer was able to install the steam generators with skid-mounted control panels outdoors in the processing area rather than installing the steam generators indoors or building a boiler house for the steam generators. This resulted in lowered installation costs.

In addition to meeting the customer’s timing needs and lowering costs, we met the customer’s sustainability requirements as the electric steam generators are supplied electric power from the solar panels on the roof of their manufacturing facility.

The Benefits

+ SCR/Thyristor power control allows for infinite proportional turn down which improves energy efficiency and temperature control in low steam flow conditions
+ Custom designed mirrored skid packaging allows the steam generators to be mounted side by side and allows access to components on the outer side of the steam generator skids
+ The manual on-off switch allows boiler control and power circuits to be shut down locally
+ Chromalox service technicians provide onsite startup and commissioning as well as operator training