High Capacity Steam Generator

A company developing oil, gas, wind, and solar energy in more than 30 countries, was evaluating the use of electricity to generate steam on a high capacity scale at various oil and gas processing facilities around the world. They needed a steam generator built and tested within one year, safely, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions at their facilities.

The Solution

Chromalox worked with the energy company to design a test high capacity steam generator within the one-year timeframe and created a complete testing plan to confirm the medium voltage technology was viable at their facilities. We helped them to increase safety by having the test unit built and operated in Ogden, Utah which allowed the company to capture operational information to prove the medium voltage steam generation at high pressure.

Our response was critical to their process because the end customer was looking at electric steam generation to replace traditional fossil fuel steam generation, and to do that, validation of our high capacity steam generator was required. Most importantly, our solution of the high capacity steam generator will help reduce their carbon emissions and get them closer to their goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

The Benefits

+ The use of medium voltage reduces the amperage required and allows for lower installation costs
+ Increased voltage provides highly efficient operation
+ Water feed control and low water cutoff automatically maintains the correct water level and shuts off the generator if the level drops below safe limits
+ This setup delivers instantaneous power conversion to heat energy and ensures all available power is directly delivered to the process