Hot Oil System Meets Strict Emission Standards

This solar energy producer uses hot oil and heat exchangers to heat various process materials in the manufacture of polysilicon for solar applications. The company’s large, gas fired hot-oil system, however, did not meet new state emission standards. Upgrading to low-emission gas burners was not an option, however, due to high costs and impact on production. With the state deadline to comply with the new emission standards looming, the manufacturer was pressed to find a solution quickly.


The Solution

The Chromalox NWHO circulation heater –  a zero-emissions electric heater solution to replace gas-fired systems – offered the perfect solution. The 7.5 megawatt hot-oil circulation heater was paired with a SCR control panel to create a complete heat transfer system. Chromalox was able to quickly quote a custom system solution and commit to a ship date that would meet the state’s deadline. When it arrived, the system’s modular design made it easy to install. In addition to meeting the state emissions requirements, the system is less expensive to operate, because electricity costs are more reasonable than gas in the geographic area. 



+ Chromalox quickly specified, delivered and installed a solution that met the state’s new emission requirements on a tight deadline.
+ The electric heater solution is less expensive to operate than a gas-fired system and supports the company’s desired production levels.
+ The solution’s modular design will enable the solar energy producer to easily expand the system in the future, while protecting its initial investment.