Chromalox Circulation Heaters

Components for interceptor and ICBM rockets must be tested for reliability prior to deployment. Hydraulic power supply units designed to supply high pressures needed for tests required an accurate and reliable heat source that could be remotely controlled.


The Solution

Two units were designed, one for low temperature work (-65° F) and one for high temperature work (100° F to 300° F). Both units supply oil at 5000 PSI from pumps. The supply tank and the heaters are on the low pressure side of the system, under 100 lbs. pressure. Chromalox Circulation Heaters, type NWHO, were the answer to the problem. Furnished complete with thermostats, insulation and housing that is easily mounted, these heaters are capable of maintaining accurate control over preset temperatures.

The low temperature unit is designed to supply 10 GPM at -65° F The heaters are used to reheat the oil to about 0° F for easier handling. Two systems can be handled by the high temperature testing unit, each at 20 GPM. To lower the needed heating capacity, the oil reservoir is preheated before testing. Both units are easily moved to wherever needed by a fork lift truck. To protect personnel, each unit has a separate control panel which may be used for remote operation when making these high pressure tests.



+ Easy installation. Chromalox Circulation Oil Heater is easily mounted onto the portable rig next to reservoir tank.
+ Fast, automatic response of heater to maintain preset temperature.
+ All heat goes into the work - providing an efficient use of energy.
+ Provides a compact and integrated heating unit.