DirectConnect™ MV Electric Steam Generators

A university received funding from the federal government to support replacement of their heating equipment and distribution systems. After reviewing their options, the university decided to replace one of their gas fired boilers with an electric steam generator. However, the boiler house had space limitations and a custom solution was required to fit within the footprint allowed in the boiler house.

The Solution

Our team provided the university with a solution which will fit within the boiler house and reduce emissions by one third. We will replace one of their existing natural gas fired boilers with (2) Chromalox DirectConnect™ MV electric steam generators each designed for 10MW total @ 6600V. These high-capacity steam generators are uniquely designed for larger industrial applications. The use of medium voltage ranges allows for an economical installation, along with highly efficient operation compared to traditional low voltage steam generators. 

Not only did we provide a solution that fit within their sustainability requirements, but we will deliver the solution with lowered installation costs and quick response times to keep their project on track.

The Benefits

+ Advanced power control provides an operating range of 0-100% of generator capacity. Solid state power components, along with optimized logic control, allow for an almost infinite number of step controls. This setup delivers instantaneous power conversion to heat energy and ensures all available power is directly delivered to the process
+ A control communication platform is incorporated which integrates with their existing overall boiler house control system
+ Water feed control and low water cutoff automatically maintains the correct water level and shuts off the generator if the level drops below safe limits
+ Long Life Chromalox DirectConnect™ MV heating elements provide uniform direct immersion heating for rapid heat up and efficient power delivery
+ Vessel insulation and jacketing is provided around the entire pressure vessel to reduce energy loss and ensure efficient heater operation