One-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater

One-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater
  • 1 - 6-1/8" Nozzle Dia.
  • 100 - 300 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • Up to 800°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Up to 600°F Max. Barrel Temp.
  • Type A Leads
  • Heavy Duty Anti-torque Post Terminal (type P)

  • Barrels and Dies of Plastic Molding Machines
  • Extruders
  • Autoclaves

Chromalox type MB-1 commercial heaters offer thin, efficient commercial heating. Heat from the precisely wound resistance element is quickly transferred to the working surface for fast heat-up and response. Mica band heaters provide excellent dielectric strength and heat transfer capability for long heater life. The mica core is encased in a continuous corrosion resistant sheath and formed. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Maximum sheath temperature is 800°F.

Efficient Heat Transfer is provided by high quality nickel chromium resistor wire wound on a select mica strip and enclosed in a die-formed aluminum coated steel sheath.

Long-Term Durability is assured by non-hygroscopic mica insulation.

Uniform Fit to ±1/16".

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
150009 MB0R2A1A1 240V 175W Buy Now
150017 MB1A1A1A1 120V 100W Buy Now
150025 MB1A1A1A2 240V 100W Buy Now
150033 MB1A1J1A1 120V 150W Buy Now
150041 MB1A1J1A2 240V 150W Buy Now
150050 MB1E0L1A1 120V 100W Buy Now
150068 MB1E1E1A1 120V 150W Buy Now
150076 MB1E1E1A2 240V 150W Buy Now
150084 MB1G1A1A1 240V 150W Buy Now
150092 MB1J1A1A1 120V 150W Buy Now
150105 MB1J1A1A2 240V 150W Buy Now
150113 MB1J1J1A1 120V 200W Buy Now
150121 MB1J1J1A2 240V 200W Buy Now
150130 MB1J1J1A3 120V 250W Buy Now
150148 MB1J1J1A4 240V 250W Buy Now
150156 MB1L1E1A1 240V 200W Buy Now
150201 MB1Q1A1A1 240V 200W Buy Now
150210 MB2A1J1P1 240V 250W Buy Now
150228 MB2C1A1A1 120V 200W Buy Now
150236 MB2E1J1P1 240V 200W Request a Quote
150244 MB2G1A1P1 240V 200W Buy Now
150252 MB2J1J1P1 240V 300W Buy Now
150261 MB3A1A1P1 240V 300W Buy Now
150279 MB3A1J1P1 240V 400W Buy Now
150287 MB3C1A1P1 240V 300W Buy Now
150295 MB3J1J1P1 240V 500W Buy Now
150316 MB4J1J1P1 240V 650W Buy Now
150447 MB1A1A1A3 120V 150W Buy Now
150455 MB1A1A1A4 240V Buy Now
150463 MB1A1J1A3 120V 200W Buy Now
150471 MB1A1J1A4 240V 200W Buy Now
150480 MB1E1J1A1 240V 200W Buy Now
150498 FBE01E02A-07513 150W 240V Buy Now
150501 MB1G1J1A1 240V 275W Buy Now
150519 MB1G2A1A1 240V 300W Buy Now
150527 MB1J1A1A3 120V 200W Buy Now
150535 MB1J1A1A4 240V 200W Buy Now
150543 MB1J1E1A1 240V 225W Buy Now
150551 MB1J1J1A5 120V 275W MICA Buy Now
150560 MB1J1J1A6 240V 275W Buy Now
150578 MB1J1J1P1 120V 275W Buy Now
150586 MB1J1J1P2 275W 240V Buy Now
150594 MB1J2A1P1 240V 300W Buy Now
150623 MB1N1J1A5 240V 275W Buy Now
150631 MB1N1J1A6 120V 300W Buy Now
150640 MB1N1J1A7 240V 300W Buy Now
150658 MB1N1JP2 240V 300W Buy Now
150666 MB2A1A1A1 120V 200W Buy Now
150703 MB2C1A1A2 240V 275W Buy Now
150711 MB2C1J1P1 240V 350W Buy Now
150720 MB2E1A1P1 120V 250W Buy Now
150738 MB2E1A1P2 240V 250W Buy Now
150746 MB2E1J1P2 240V 375W Buy Now
150754 MB2E2A1P1 240V 525W Buy Now
150762 MB2J1A1P1 240V 275W Buy Now
150771 MB2J1J1P2 120V 350W Buy Now
150789 MB2J1J1P3 240V 350W Buy Now
150797 MB2J2A1P1 240V 450W Buy Now
150800 MB2N1J1P1 240V 400W Buy Now
150818 MB3A1A1P2 240V 400W Buy Now
150826 MB3A1J1P2 240V 500W Buy Now
150834 MICA BAND 240V 400W Buy Now
150842 MB3E1J1P1 240V 400W Buy Now
150869 MB3J2A1P1 240V 600W Buy Now
150877 MB3N1J1P1 240V 700W Buy Now
150949 MB5E1J1P1 240V 600W Buy Now
150965 MB5J1J1C1 240V 900W Request a Quote
150981 MB 06.12ID X 01.5W 1000W Buy Now
154018 MB1A1A1L1 120V 100W Request a Quote
154034 MB1A1A1A5 120V 125W Request a Quote
154042 MB1A1A1A6 240V 155W Buy Now
154050 MB1A1A1L3 120V 125W Request a Quote
154157 MB1A3A1A1 250V 175W Request a Quote
154181 MB1A3A1L2 240V 250W Request a Quote
154261 MB1E1A1L4 240V 175W Buy Now
154376 MB1G1A1A2 120V 150W Buy Now
154499 MB1J1A1A5 120V 100W Request a Quote
154501 MB1J1A1A6 240V 100W Request a Quote
154560 MB1J1A1L6 240V 200W Buy Now
154624 MB1J1J1A7 120V 300W Buy Now
154632 MB1J1J1A8 240V 300W Buy Now
154659 MB1J1J1L6 240V 300W Buy Now
154667 MB1J2A1A2 120V 300W Request a Quote
154683 MB1J2A1L2 240V 300W Buy Now
154739 MB1J3A1A1 240V 350W Request a Quote
154747 MB1J3A1A2 120V 450W Buy Now
154755 MB1J3A1A3 240V 450W Buy Now
154907 MB1N3A1L2 240V 500W Buy Now
154966 MB2A1A1L4 240V 200W Request a Quote
154990 MB2A1J1P3 120V 300W Buy Now
155053 MB2A3A1L2 240V 600W Buy Now
155176 MB2J1A1L1 120V 300W Buy Now
155192 MB2J1A1P2 240V 300W Buy Now
155395 MB2N3A1L2 240V 600W Request a Quote
155408 MB3A1A1A1 120V 200W Request a Quote
155416 MB3A1A1A2 240V 200W Buy Now
155459 MB3A1A1P4 240V 200W Buy Now
155619 MB3A1J1L3 240V 500W Buy Now
155651 MB3A2A1P1 240V 500W Buy Now
155694 MB3A3A1P1 120V 700W Request a Quote
155707 MB3A3A1P2 240V 700W Request a Quote
155740 MB3E1J1P1 240V 400W Request a Quote
155758 MB3E2A1A1 240V 500W Request a Quote
155790 MB3J1A1L2 240V 300W Request a Quote
155811 MB3J1J1A2 240V 400W Buy Now
155838 MB3J1J1L2 240V 400W Request a Quote
155846 MB3J1J1P2 240V 400W Request a Quote
155854 MB3J1J1P3 120V 500W Buy Now
155862 MB3J2A1P1 240V 600W Request a Quote
155870 MB4A1A1P1 240V 400W Request a Quote
155889 MB4A1J1P2 240V 650W Buy Now
155897 MB4A2A1P1 240V 550W Request a Quote
155900 MB4A2A1P2 240V 800W Buy Now
155918 MB4A2J1P1 120V 500W Buy Now
155934 MB4A2J1P3 240V 1000W Buy Now
155969 MB4J1A1P1 240V 350W Buy Now
155993 MB4J2J1P1 240V 1000W Request a Quote
156048 MB5A1J1P1 240V 700W Request a Quote
156064 MB5A2A1P1 240V 800W Buy Now
156080 MB5E1J1P2 240V 1000W Request a Quote
156136 MB6A1A1A2 240V 300W Request a Quote
156160 MB6A1J1P1 240V 600W Request a Quote
156187 MB6A2J1P1 240V 1450W Request a Quote
156208 MB6A3A1P2 240V 1500W Buy Now
156232 MB6J2A1P1 120V 1000W Request a Quote
156371 MB8A1A1P1 240V 500W Request a Quote
156380 MB8A1J1P1 240V 950W Buy Now
156419 MB8A2A1P1 240V 1000W Buy Now
156435 MB8J1J1P1 240V 1200W Buy Now
156460 MB9A1J1P1 240V 1300W Request a Quote
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