Two-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater

Two-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater
  • 3-1/2" - 10-1/2" Barrel Dia.
  • 500 - 2,000 Watts
  • 240 - 480 Volt
  • 21 - 40 W/In²
  • Up to 800°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Up to 650°F Max Barrel Temp.
  • Heavy Duty Anti-torque Post Terminals (type P)

  • Barrels and Dies of Plastic Molding Machines
  • Extruders
  • Autoclaves
  • Standard Sections Up to 10-1/2" O.D. Consult Factory for Larger O.D's
  • Chromalox type MB-2 commercial heaters offer thin, efficient commercial heating. Heat from the precisely wound resistance element is quickly transferred to the working surface for fast heat-up and response. Mica band heaters provide excellent dielectric strength and heat transfer capability for long heater life. The mica core is encased in a continuous corrosion resistant sheath and formed. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Maximum sheath temperature is 800°F.

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    150851 MB3J1J2P1240/480V500W Buy Now
    150885 MB4A1J2P1240/480V700W Buy Now
    150893 MB4A2A2P1240/480V800W Buy Now
    156515 MB4J2A2P1240/480V700W Buy Now
    150906 MB4J1J2P1 240V 375W EA. H Buy Now
    150914 MB4N1J2P1240/480V600W Buy Now
    150922 MB4Q1J2P1240/480V,900W Buy Now
    150324 MB5A1J2P1240/480V700W Buy Now
    150931 MB5A1J2P2 240/480V 900W Buy Now
    150957 MB5E1J2P1240/480V900W Buy Now
    150332 MB5J1J2P1240/480V800W Buy Now
    150341 MB6A1J2P1240/480V850W Buy Now
    156558 MB6A3A2P1240/480V1400W Request a Quote
    150973 MB6A1J2P2240/480V1000W Buy Now
    150990 MB6E1J2P1240/480V750W Buy Now
    150359 MB6J1J2P1240/480V950W Buy Now
    151001 MB6J1J2P2240/240V1200W Buy Now
    151010 MB6J2A2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    150367 MB6N1J2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    156574 MB6N2A2P1240/480V1250W Request a Quote
    156590 MB7A3A2P1240/480V1600W Request a Quote
    150375 MB7A1J2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    156582 MB7A2A2P1240/480V1250W Request a Quote
    151028 MB7E1J2P1 240/480V 1000W Buy Now
    151036 MB7E2A2P1240/480V900W Buy Now
    151044 MB7G1J2P1 240/480V 1200W Request a Quote
    150383 MB7J1J2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    151052 MB7J1J2P2240/480V1200W Buy Now
    151061 MB7N1J2P1 240/480V 1000W Request a Quote
    150391 MB7Q1J2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    151079 MB8A1E2P1240/480V1100W Buy Now
    150404 MB8A1J2P1240/480V1000W Buy Now
    151087 MB8A1J2P2240/480V1300W Buy Now
    156638 MB8E4A2P1240/480V3000W Request a Quote
    150412 MB8J1J2P1240/480V1200W Buy Now
    151095 MB8J1J2P2240/480V1400W Buy Now
    151108 MB8J2A2P1 240/480V 1600W Buy Now
    150421 MB9A1J2P1240/480V1300W Buy Now
    151116 MB9A1J2P2240/480V1500W Buy Now
    151124 MB9J2A2P1 240/480V 1800W Buy Now
    151132 MB9N2A2P1 240/480V 2000W Buy Now
    151141 MB10A1J2P1 240/480V 1000W Buy Now
    150439 MB10A1J2P2 240/480V 1400W Buy Now
    151159 MB10J1J2P1 240/480V 2000W Buy Now
    156700 MB12A2A2P1240/480V2300W Buy Now
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