2" Two-Piece Band Heater

2" Two-Piece Band Heater
  • Up to 900°F Max. Barrel Temp.

  • Barrel and Nozzles of Plastics Injection Molders
  • Extrusion Barrels
  • Autoclaves
  • Heat Tracing of Large Diameter Piping

Chromalox type HBT band heaters are used in a variety of industrial heating applications: barrel and nozzles of plastic injection molders, extrusion barrels, autoclaves, and heat tracing of large diameter piping. Complete, firm coverage is provided by slip proof, stainless steel clamping bands. The stock heater can be easily modified to drill for thermocouple.

Type HBT band heater has two matching alloy-sheath tubular elements and stainless steel matching clamping band, same as type HB band heater. Elements are flattened for maximum heat transfer.

High Temperature, Tight Fitting.

Uniform Heating accurately controllable.

Reduced Downtime elements are refractory insulated for long life and heavy usage.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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268744 HBT-40 120/240V 650W Buy Now
268760 HBT-45 120/240V 750W Buy Now
268787 HBT-50 120/240V 825W Buy Now
268795 HBT-55 120V 950W Buy Now
268816 HBT-65 120V 1100W Buy Now
268832 HBT-75 120V 1275W Buy Now
268859 HBT-85 120V 1425W Buy Now
268875 HBT-95 120V 1550W Buy Now
273658 HBT-30 120/240V 675W Buy Now
273666 HBT-36 120/240V 925W Buy Now
273674 HBT-4411 120/240V 1100W Buy Now
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