1/4 DIN Temperature Controller
  • Easy Three-Step Setup
  • High Current Output Option
      10 Amp Solid State Relay
      20 Amp Mechanical Relay
  • Plug-In Output Cards
  • J, K Thermocouple, or RTD Selectable Inputs, °F or °C Indication
  • Arm Relay Output Option
  • NEMA 4X Front Panel
  • Compact 1/4 DIN Design 4" Depth
  • Third-party certifications: cULus

Easy Three-Step Setup: The 2110 delivers exceptional process temperature control. Your process is up and running after three easy setup steps: 1) Select the sensor and control type, 2) Hook up the system and 3) Select the desired temperature.

Full Feature Outputs: A total of six output functions further extend the applications flexibility of the 2110 controller:

  • 1 Amp Relay
  • 20 Amp Relay
  • Solid State Relay Drive
  • 1 Amp Solid State Relay
  • 5 Amp Solid State Relay
  • 10 Amp Solid State Relay

The 2110 features a variety of output cards including High Current options of a 10 Amp Solid State Relay or 20 Amp Mechanical Relay. These outputs can directly control many cartridge or strip heaters, eliminating the need for a remote contactor or solid state relay. For larger three-phase loads, the 2110 can drive a remote device with the Pilot Duty Relay or Solid State Relay Drive outputs.

The optional Alarm Output gives you a non-latching, normally de-energized, 5 Amp relay output for over or under temperature protection of critical process temperatures.

Packaging with the User in Mind: The 2110 features a NEMA 4X front panel with tactile feedback push buttons. The buttons allow even the heaviest gloved hand to easily configure this controller. Large, bright LED’s provide an easy-to-read interface at a distance.

Flexibility: Output cards are plug-in modules that are field replaceable. The switch-selectible control modes include On-Off or Proportional-Integral (PI).

For additional details and specifications, see the catalog page PDF in the Resources tab.

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Part # Description  
317016 2110-R1000 1 Amp Relay Buy Now
317024 2110-R3000 20 Amp Relay Buy Now
317032 2110-V0000, SSR Drive Buy Now
317059 2110-S1000, 5 Amp SSR Buy Now
317067 2110-S2000, 10 Amp SSR Buy Now
317075 2110-R1100, 1 Amp Relay Alarm Buy Now
317083 2110-R3100, 20 Amp Relay Alarm Buy Now
317091 2110-V0100 SSR Drive Alarm Buy Now
317112 2110-S1100 5 Amp SSR Alarm Buy Now
317120 2110-S2100 10 Amp SSR Alarm Buy Now
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