Heavy Duty Cartridge Heater - CHD


Heavy Duty Cartridge Heater - CHD

  • 1" Diameter
  • 140 - 1,780 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 11 - 50 W/In2
  • Brass Sheath
  • Two Bolt Terminals, One End
  • Up to 600°F Max. Working Temp.
  • Third-party certifications: CSA

  • Aluminum Extraction Dies
  • Container Heaters
  • Large Platens
  • Molds
  • Dies
  • Stress Relaxing

Type C-HD is a high quality cartridge heater for medium and low watt density applications.

Available in 15/16, 1, and 1-19/64" diameter, sheath lengths up to approximately 2 feet.

Electric Cartridge Heater for Medium Watt Density - Type C-HD Large Diameter industrial heaters are available in a variety of commercial heating applications: aluminum extraction dies, container heaters, large platens, molds, dies, and stress relaxing. The tightly compacted refractory insulation provides excellent heat transfer to the heavy wall stainless steel sheath. The resistance wire runs at a lower temperature than competitive units with loose-fill insulation, resulting in much longer life. This heavy-duty construction also provides high dielectric strength as well as shock and vibration resistance required for many industrial applications.

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137920 C-703 120V 300W Buy Now
137963 C-705 120V 600W Buy Now
137980 C-706 120V 500W Buy Now
138000 C-707 120V 700W Buy Now
137904 C-702 120V 165W NS Buy Now
137947 C-704 120V 375W Buy Now
138026 C-708 120V 750W Request a Quote
138042 C-709 120V 800W Buy Now
275944 C-713 120V 1250W Buy Now
138288 C-803 120V 350W Request a Quote
138325 C-806 120V 600W Request a Quote
138384 C-830 120V 1000W Request a Quote
138405 C-810 120V 1200W Request a Quote
138448 C-812 120V 1000W Request a Quote
138317 C-804 240V 300W Request a Quote
138341 C-807 120V 500W Request a Quote
138368 C-808 120V 500W Request a Quote
138421 C-811 120V 650W Request a Quote
138464 C-813 120V 750W Request a Quote
138480 C-815 120V 1250W Request a Quote
138501 C-816 120V 1300W Request a Quote
137939 C-703 240V 300W Buy Now
137955 C-704 240V 375W Buy Now
137971 C-705 240V 600W Buy Now
138018 C-707 240V 700W Buy Now
138034 C-708 240V 750W Buy Now
138050 C-709 240V 800W Buy Now
138077 C-713 240V 1250W Buy Now
137912 C-702 240V 165W Request a Quote
137998 C-706 240V 500W NS Buy Now
275987 C-714 240V 1300W Buy Now
275995 C-715 240V 1425W Request a Quote
276007 C-716 240V 1375W Buy Now
138296 C-803 240V 350W Request a Quote
138333 C-806 240V 600W Request a Quote
138392 C-830 240V 1000W Request a Quote
138413 C-810 240V 1200W Request a Quote
138456 C-812 240V 1000W Request a Quote
138309 C-804 120V 300W Request a Quote
138350 C-807 240V 500W Request a Quote
138376 C-808 240V 500W Request a Quote
138430 C-811 240V 650W Request a Quote
138472 C-813 240V 750W Request a Quote
138499 C-815 240V 1250W Request a Quote
138510 C-816 240V 1300W Request a Quote
277085 C-817 240V 1400W Request a Quote
277093 C-819 240V 1625W Request a Quote
277106 Request a Quote
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