Heavy Duty Cartridge Heater - CTRH

Heavy Duty Cartridge Heater - CTRH
  • 0.553" and 0.66" Dia.
  • 1,670 - 5,130 Watts
  • 120, 208, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 50 and 55 W/In2
  • 304 Stainless Steel Sheath

  • Forming
  • Stress Relieving Metal Parts
  • Dies
  • Platens

Chromalox cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the cartridge heaters are made slightly undersize relative to their nominal diameter. Type CTRH industrial heaters are available in a variety of commercial heating applications: forming, stress relieving metal parts, dies, and platens. Available in 120, 208, 240, and 480 V.

Type CTRH is an extra high quality electric cartridge heater for applications involving hot plates, molds, dies, platens and container heating.

Available in 0.553" and 0.663" diameter sheath lengths up to 4.5 feet.

50 - 55 W/In² to heat materials up to 800°F.

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Part # Description  
276517 CTRH-520 120V 1670W Buy Now
276525 CTRH-524 120V 2050W Request a Quote
276533 CTRH-524 208V 2050W Request a Quote
276541 CTRH-524 240V 2050W Buy Now
276550 CTRH-528 120V 2440W Request a Quote
276568 CTRH-528 208V 2440W Request a Quote
276584 CTRH-532 120V 2820W Request a Quote
276592 CTRH-532 208V 2820W Buy Now
276605 CTRH-532 240V 2820W Request a Quote
276613 CTRH-536 208V 3200W Request a Quote
276621 CTRH-536 240V 3200W Buy Now
276630 CTRH-540 208V 3580W Request a Quote
276648 CTRH-540 240V 3580W Buy Now
276656 CTRH-544 208V 3970W Request a Quote
276664 CTRH-544 240V 3970W Request a Quote
276672 CTRH-548 208V 4350W Request a Quote
276680 CTRH-548 240V 4350W Request a Quote
276699 CTRH-548 480V 4350W Request a Quote
276701 CTRH-552 208V 4730W Request a Quote
276710 CTRH-552 240V 4730W Buy Now
276728 CTRH-552 480V 4730W Buy Now
276736 CTRH-620 120V 1810W Request a Quote
276744 CTRH-624 120V 2230W Request a Quote
276752 CTRH-624 208V 2230W Request a Quote
276760 CTRH-624 240V 2230W Request a Quote
276779 CTRH-628 120V 2640W Request a Quote
276787 CTRH-628 208V 2640W Request a Quote
276795 CTRH-628 240V 2640W Buy Now
276808 CTRH-632 120V 3060W Buy Now
276816 CTRH-632 208V 3060W Request a Quote
276824 CTRH-632 240V 3060W Buy Now
276832 CTRH-636 208V 3470W Request a Quote
276840 CTRH-636 240V 3470W Buy Now
276859 CTRH-640 208V 3880W Request a Quote
276867 CTRH-640 240V 3880W Request a Quote
276875 CTRH-644 208V 4300W Request a Quote
276883 CTRH-644 240V 4300W Request a Quote
276891 CTRH-644 480V 4300W Request a Quote
276904 CTRH-648 208V 4610W Request a Quote
276912 CTRH-648 240V 4610W Buy Now
276920 CTRH-648 480V 4610W Buy Now
276939 CTRH-652 208V 5130W Request a Quote
276947 CTRH-652 240V 5130W Request a Quote
276947 CTRH-652 240V 5130W Request a Quote
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