Enclosure Heaters

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Electronics enclosures/cabinets and security/surveillance systems that are located in cold environments or outdoors often accumulate condensation, which can damage critical electronic components or compromise the quality of data communications. Installing electric heating elements within these protective enclosures are an excellent solution to inhibit condensation and protect expensive electronics equipment from damage and failure. Chromalox provides several standard enclosure heaters suited for both ordinary or hazardous areas that are available for immediate delivery, as well as developing custom designs for challenging applications.

chromalox hazardous area heaters
Hazardous Area Enclosure Heaters
Hazardous Area Enclosure Heaters are available in a variety of styles and sizes. We have heaters rated for T2, T3, and T3C temperature ratings. The XPMC are available in different lengths and configurations.

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Ordinary Enclosure Heaters
Enclosure Heaters are used for freeze and condensate control in electrical enclosures. They can also be used for devices such as ATM machines and other outside equipment with moving parts to prevent freezing. These heaters are economical and easy to install.
chromalox safety surveillance heaters
Safety and Surveillance Heaters
Safety/Surveillance Heaters are used primarily for freeze protection for surveillance equipment that is mounted out of doors. They can eliminate freezing and moisture condensation in enclosures, cabinets, and camera lenses. These can be manufactured in very small sizes and virtually any custom shape.